A native of San Diego and always drawn to creating art, Cindy tried to pursue a "responsible" career path and earned a degree in Political Science at the University of Southern California. She thought that she would go on to law school and do whatever people who go to law school do. Silly.  Much of her time in college was spent attending art classes and playing water polo for USC. She spent a semester in France studying at the University of Paris and the Atelier de Beaux Arts. While she still pursued her degree in political science, from the moment she stepped into Drawing 101, she knew that she could never do that whole law school thing.

After college, Cindy worked as a professional mural artist for 10+ years, completing over 600 projects for customers including individuals, designers, builders, businesses, non-profit organizations, schools, and more. Cindy considers her mural painting years instrumental in her technical development as a painter. During this time, she also exhibited her paintings at several galleries and art festivals, including the La Jolla Festival of the Arts, La Quinta Arts Festival and Art Walk San Diego. She had a quick stint as a high school government teacher, an experience that taught her many things - most importantly, that she did not want to be a high school government teacher.

She moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2007 taking a professional break to raise her two young children.

After getting back into the studio around 2012, Cindy was drawn into the art community in Boulder and asked to serve on the board of directors for a visual arts nonprofit. After a year and a half doing that, she became the organization's Executive Director. These days, Cindy juggles parenting two elementary school kids, spending about 15 minutes a week with her husband, running a small but mighty non profit organization and carving out a bit of time to get her hands dirty in the studio. She looks forward to the day when she can focus more of her energy in the studio, but enjoys working a job where she has an impact on her community. She especially enjoys advocating for artists and access to art.